Staff Evaluation

Performance Management Guidelines

It is important for campus leaders and people managers to have frequent, candid performance conversations with their staff. While the university has developed a performance management form, it is the mutual responsibility of the manager and staff to work together to develop individual goals and identify the duties that will be the basis of the staff employee’s performance appraisal.  The university provides the following performance management resources:

The annual review period is a flexible 12 month period of time that extends from the day following the end of the previous annual review period as determined by the appropriate campus leader.

Three-Month Performance Review (For New Employees, Promotions, and Transfers)

At the end of three months of employment, supervisors should meet with new employees to jointly discuss job performance and expectations.  Complete this evaluation using the techniques of modeling, coaching, reinforcing, and providing feedback to sustain positive performance and improve marginal performance.  This review will complete the introductory period, or can be extended for up to an additional three months, if necessary.