Vision Plan

Wake Forest offers a voluntary vision plan for benefit-eligible faculty and staff members and their eligible dependents. While the Wake Forest medical plan provides coverage for annual eye exams, the vision plan helps manage the cost of eyeglasses and contact lenses. This nationwide plan, administered by Superior Vision, allows you to pay for vision benefits on a pre-tax basis. Benefits are based on the last date of service.

You do not need to be enrolled in the Wake Forest medical plan to participate. After you elect to participate, you will receive a Superior Vision ID card. You may request a new card by calling Superior Vision at 800.507.3800.

Plan Details

Below is a summary of the plan. Please refer to the Superior Vision Plan Coverage Sheet for more details.

Plan FeatureIn-NetworkOut-of-Network
Materials Co-payment
Every 12 months based on last date of service
Applies to lenses and/or frames, not contact lenses
Contact Lens Fitting Exam Co-payment$35
Standard Lenses Benefit (per pair)
Single VisionCovered in full Up to $34
BifocalCovered in full Up to $48
TrifocalCovered in full Up to $64
LenticularCovered in full Up to $88
Contact Lenses Allowance (in lieu of glasses)
Every 12 months based on last date of service
Medically Necessary Contact LensesCovered in fullUp to $210
Cosmetic Contact LensesUp to $120Up to $100
Frames Benefit, Every 24 months based on last date of serviceUp to $150Up to $77
Members are responsible for charges above the allowances shown above. Discounts are available for purchase of additional eyewear and contact lenses.

Plan Amendment for Out-of-Network Option

In the event a participant does not have access to an in-network provider within the required geographic service area due to any network inadequacy, the participant is always allowed the option of utilizing the services of an out-of-network provider at the in-network benefit until an in-network provider becomes available.