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Dental Plan

Wake Forest students walk past a glorious display of fall color.Wake Forest offers two comprehensive dental plan options through ACS Benefit Services:

  • The High Option
  • The Low Option

These plan options provide different levels of coverage to meet the varying needs of our benefit-eligible faculty and staff members and their eligible dependents. Both plan options cover preventive and basic services, but only the High Option offers coverage for major services and orthodontia.

Using Your Dental Benefit

You will receive an ACS dental card, which you should present at the time of your appointment. You may request a new ID card by calling ACS Benefit Services at 336.759.2013. As a participant, you have the flexibility to use Dentemax’s in-network and out-of-network dentists.  If you use an in-network dentist, the services you receive are based on contracted rates; therefore, you may pay less out of pocket.

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Plan Details

The plans run on a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), but the plan benefits, deductibles and out-of -pocket maximums run on a calendar year.  The chart below summarizes the plan options. Please refer to the Dental Plan Summary Plan Description for more details.

Plan Amendments

Effective July 1, 2014, ACS Dental plan participants are allowed to change between dental plans or cancel coverage (High to Low; Low to High) during annual enrollment or a qualifying event.

Dental Plan Amendment 07/01/2014

Low Option
High Option
Annual Deductible
Individual$50 $50
Family$150 $150
Annual Benefit Maximum per person $500 $1,500
Type A - Preventative Services
Oral exams: Twice per calendar year
Cleanings and scaling of teeth: Twice per calendar year
Full-mouth x-rays: Once per 36-month period
Deductible does not apply
Deductible does not apply
Type B - Basic Services
Fillings, Extractions, Root canal therapy and
Periodontal treatment
Type C - Major Services
Inlays, Onlays, Crowns and Periodontal surgical services
Not Covered50%
Type D - Orthodontics
Appliance therapy
Not Covered50%
Coverage to $1,500 lifetime benefit maximum per person