Workday HCM Enhancements

Completed Enhancements:

The following items apply to Workday transactions initiated after the enhancement was introduced:

  • (NEW) One-Time Payments Role: Developed a role that may initiate one-time payments to individuals across campus without time-consuming involvement from the Manager.
  • (NEW) Simplified Promotions:
    • Faculty Promotions: Removed the requirement for initiators to complete the Create Position and Create Job Requisition processes. Instead, they may use the Change Job process, select “Faculty Promotion” as the reason for the change, and update the job profile and title to reflect the new position.
    • Staff Promotions (“Position Management” supervisory organizations): Removed the requirement for initiators to complete the Job Requisition process. Instead, after completing the Create Position process, they may use the Change Job process and select “Promotion” as the reason for the change.
  • (NEW) Streamlined Faculty/Manager Involvement: Enabled the Talent Liaison to complete approval steps on an individual’s behalf for processes related to changing jobs and compensation.
    • If Initiated by the Talent Liaison: All Manager approvals and action items will route to the Talent Liaison. Since the Talent Liaison will already have approved, their separate approval step will be skipped.
    • If Initiated by Another Role (Other Than Manager): All Manager approvals and action items will route to the Talent Liaison, if that role exists; otherwise, they will route to the Manager.
  • Student Hiring Process: Removed Talent Liaison, Cost Center Budget Specialist, and Budget VP approval steps.
  • Home Address Contact Change: Removed Manager approval step.
  • Termination Process: Removed Manager’s Manager and Talent Liaison approval steps (these roles now receive a notification). Note: If the Talent Liaison initiates the termination, Manager’s approval is still required.  
  • Recruitment: Created a hiring manager web page to help users select a Recruitment process in Workday, based on their specific hiring scenario.
  • Delegation: Posted a guide to assist with delegating approval processes.

Upcoming Enhancements:

  • Recruitment:
    • Hiring Manager Experience: Streamlining approvals across the Create Position, Create Job Requisition, Offer, and Hire processes.
    • Candidate Experience: Simplifying the process of uploading application materials, including resumes, cover letters, and writing samples.
  • Employment End Dates: Enabling Managers to use the Change Job process to update employment end dates for temporary and fixed-term employees.