Workday HCM Enhancements

New Enhancements:

  • Student Hiring Process: Removed Talent Liaison, Cost Center Budget Specialist, and Budget VP approval steps.
  • Home Address Contact Change: Removed Manager approval step.
  • Termination Process: Removed Manager’s Manager and Talent Liaison approval steps (these roles now receive a notification). Note: If the Talent Liaison initiates the termination, Manager’s approval is still required.  
  • Recruitment: Created a hiring manager web page to help users select a Recruitment process in Workday, based on their specific hiring scenario.
  • Delegation: Posted a guide to assist with delegating approval processes.

Upcoming Enhancements:

Estimated completion dates are in parenthesis. 

  • Compensation: Developing a role that may initiate one-time payments to individuals across campus without time-consuming involvement from the Manager (October 31). 
  • Onboarding Notifications: Adding notifications to remind new hires about incomplete tasks (October 31). 
  • Employment End Dates: Enabling Managers to use the Change Job process to update employment end dates for temporary and fixed-term employees (October 31). 
  • Faculty: Exploring adding additional Work Periods and Work Disbursement Periods (TBD).
  • Routing: Evaluating approval routing in Create Position, Create Job Requisition, Offer, Hire, Change Job, Add Additional Job, and Request Compensation Change processes (TBD).