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Wake Forest University implemented Workday as the new Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance, and Payroll system on July 2, 2018.

Access Workday

Workday Roles

If you have roles (e.g., Manager, One-Time Payment Coordinator, etc.) assigned to you in Workday, you can view them by following these steps:

  1. Click the Personal Information worklet.
  2. Click About Me under View.
  3. Click Actions, and hover over Security Profile to view:
    • Your roles: Click View Role Assignments for Worker Position, leave today as the Effective Date, and click OK.
    • Roles that support you: Click View Support Roles.

HCM Processes

  • Benefits

    While some benefit elections and changes will continue to be completed using provider forms, the majority will be submitted in Workday, including those completed via the following legacy forms:

    • Annual Benefits Enrollment Form
    • Benefits Enrollment Form (outside Annual Benefits Enrollment)
    • Supplemental Life Insurance Enrollment Form
    • Prior Service Credit Form for Paid Time Off (PTO)
    • Prior Service Credit Form for Retirement
    • Retirement Plan Contributions
    • Request for Faculty Parental and Adoption Leave
    • Request for Staff Parental and Adoption Leave
    • Request for Family Medical Leave
    • Request for Short-Term Disability
    • Initiate Payroll Deduction Authorization Form
    • Change or Terminate Existing Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

    Recommended Training: WD 101: Workday Essentials for Faculty & Exempt Staff

    Topics covered in WD 101 include Workday terminology, navigating Workday, managing personal information, managing benefits, requesting PTO, viewing payroll information, modifying payment elections (direct deposit), modifying tax elections, and more.

  • Compensation

    Compensation requests may be submitted in Workday, including those completed via the following legacy forms: 

    • Additional Compensation Form
    • Additional Compensation – Faculty Summer Research
    • Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty Payroll Request Form

    Salary changes, promotions, and bonuses will be processed after August 1, 2018. Those payments can be retroactively applied to July 2018.

    Recommended Training: HR 103: Initiate Employee Job Changes in Workday

    Topics covered in HR 103 include promotions, title changes, job transfers, compensation changes, and terminations. It is strongly recommended that HR 101 be completed before HR 103.

  • Performance

    In addition to frequent, candid performance conversations with staff, leaders are encouraged to utilize performance tools available in Workday. The following processes will be completed in Workday:

    • Begin-Year Performance Review (Three-Month Performance Review)
    • Mid-Year Performance Review
    • End-Year Performance Review
    • Goal-Setting
    • Performance Improvement Plans and Disciplinary Actions
    • Employee Assistance Program Referrals

    Recommended Training: HR 102: Managing Performance in Workday

    Topics covered in HR 102 include performance reviews, performance improvement plans, and disciplinary actions.

  • Recruitment and Employment

    Employment requests will be submitted in Workday, including those completed via the following legacy forms: 

    • Onboarding Request
    • Job Posting Request
    • Transfer/Promotion
    • Change Request
    • Exits
    • NC-4, W-2, W-4, and Direct Deposit
    • Form I-9

    Recommended Training: HR 101: Posting Positions, Hiring, & Onboarding in Workday

    Topics covered in HR 101 include creating a job requisition, creating a pre-hire, reviewing applicants, interviewing candidates, making a job offer, and assigning onboarding.