Faculty Recognition Honorees

The following honorees will be recognized at the 2018 Faculty Recognition Luncheon for milestones they reached during 2017.

Last Name First Name School or Department Years
Miller Ellen Anthropology 15
Folmar Steven Anthropology 25
Gentry Jennifer Art 10
Pickel John Art 20
Laughlin Page Art 30
Ashley-Ross Miriam Biology 20
Zeyl Clifford Biology 20
Anderson David Biology 25
Tomlinson John Chemistry 10
Colyer Christa Chemistry 20
Welker Mark Chemistry 30
Kondepudi Dilip Chemistry 30
Von Burg Ron Communication 10
Giles Steven Communication 15
Louden Allan Communication 40
Pauca Paul Computer Science 15
Canas Daniel Computer Science 30
John David Computer Science 35
Shi Yaohua East Asian Language and Cultures 15
Friedman Adam Education 10
Still Erica English 10
Richard Jessica English 15
Holdridge Jeff English 15
Sigal Gale English 30
Hans James English 35
Kem Judy French Studies 30
Murphy Stephen French Studies 30
Shaw Kurt German and Russian 30
Hamilton Billy German and Russian 35
Fey Jennifer Mathematics and Statistics 10
Howards Hugh Mathematics and Statistics 20
May Darlene Middle East and South Asia Studies 10
Levy Kathryn Music 30
Dixon Pat Music 30
Locklair Dan Music 35
Carter Stew Music 35
Borwick Susan Music 35
Radomski Teresa Music 40
Bardon Adrian Philosophy 15
Salsbury Fred Physics 15
Bonin Keith Physics 25
Dinan John Politics and International Affairs 20
Lee Wei-chin Politics and International Affairs 30
Petrocelli John Psychology 10
Greene Heath Psychology 10
Buchanan Christy Psychology 25
Seta Cathy Psychology 30
Blumenthal Terry Psychology 30
Wahl Ana-Maria Sociology 15
Mendoza-Batista Liliana Spanish and Italian 10
Hardcastle Anne Spanish and Italian 15
Gonzalez Luis Spanish and Italian 20
Friedman Mary Spanish and Italian 30
Albrecht Jane Spanish and Italian 30
Ramachandran Tanisha Study of Religions 10
Foskett Mary Study of Religions 20
Eastman-Mullins Rob Theatre/Dance 10
Roy Leah Theatre/Dance 15
Davis Brook Theatre/Dance 20
Phillips Tom Wake Forest Scholars 35
Herbst Kenny School of Business 10
Nash Robert School of Business 20
Davis Bill School of Business 20
Roehm Michelle School of Business 20
Cianci Anna School of Business 20
Beets Doug School of Business 30
Martin Dale School of Business 35
Jung Kevin School of Divinity 10
Walls Neal School of Divinity 15
Gilreath Shannon School of Law 15
Schneider Dick School of Law 25
Walker George School of Law 45
Lock Mary Beth ZSR Library 10
Kelley Steve ZSR Library 15
Hebert Bob ZSR Library 25