Report Request

Report Request

Use this form to request information (formatted reports, CSV datasets, etc.) from Human Resources. Once you submit this form, a member of the HR team will respond to you as soon as possible. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)–completing optional fields will expedite your request.

  • Summary

    Briefly describe the report you are requesting. Utilize the remainder of the form to provide specific information.
  • Some individuals may have multiple jobs or job changes in the system. The following can help determine how many records should be listed for these individuals. You may also specify to summarize/aggregate the data to include totals (e.g., count of new hires).
  • Choose the date(s) for which the report will be generated. “Current” reports contain the most recent data available (e.g., a list of current faculty and staff). “Point-in-time” reports contain data as of a specified date (e.g., a list of faculty and staff as of 9/1/2011). “Date Range” reports contain data relevant to specified start and end dates (e.g., a list of faculty and staff hired between 9/1/2011 and present day).
  • When do you hope to receive this information? HR will strive to deliver your report by the requested due date.

  • Specify how the information should be formatted.
  • Include special instructions regarding report formatting (e.g., an output type not listed). If your report should follow the structure of a report you have received in the past, please specify.
  • Indicate whether or not this report will be printed for use as a hard copy.
  • Select the employment category(ies) that should be included (check all that apply). Identify the hour and benefit classifications that should be included.

  • Identify the hour and benefit classifications that should be included.

  • Indicate the data fields you want HR to include. Common fields are listed (check all that apply). Request additional fields by checking “Other” and listing them below.

  • Specify how the report will be used. If you will be redistributing the data to others (e.g., modifying the report to send to a colleague, using the report to create a mailing distribution list, etc.), select “Some or all of this data will be redistributed.” In such a case, please provide a description of who will receive the information and how it will be used.
  • Include any supplemental information about your request.