Promotion and Transfer Form

Please use this form for Promotions, Transfers and Conversion of an Existing Position

Please note, once this form is processed, notifications will be routed to the applicable employee and managers. (Current Manager and New Manager)

Promotion: An employee advances from his or her current role to the next level in the organization’s career path.  The incumbent is likely performing some of the duties of the senior role and demonstrates an aptitude for the increased responsibilities of a senior role.  A person ready for promotion must master the skills of the current role and demonstrate potential to succeed in a role with larger scope.

Intradepartmental Transfer: An employee moves into a role within the same department that is comparable to their previous position.

Position Conversion: An employee’s current position changes in one of the following ways

  • Part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time, etc.
  • Exempt to non-exempt or non-exempt to exempt