Parental Leave – Staff

Parental leave provides staff who become parents, either by birth or adoption of a minor child, with paid leave to allow for the healthy recovery of the primary caregiver, bonding with the adopted child, and/or a period of family adjustment. Any staff member who meets the following requirements is eligible for leave with pay:

  • Is employed full-time (staff regularly scheduled to work 1,400 or more hours per year if  hired before July 1, 2013 or 1,560 or more hours per year if hired on or after July 1, 2013),
  • Has at least one year of regular full-time service at the time the birth or adoption is scheduled to occur or does occur,
  • Gives birth to or fathers a newborn, or adopts a child, and
  • Is deemed primary caregiver.

The eligible parent must have primary responsibility for the child immediately following child birth or adoption.

All requests for parental leave must be submitted in writing to the appropriate Manager/Supervisor/Department Head. As close as reasonable to the beginning of the leave, the staff member is to complete Part I of the Parental Leave Request form, have the doctor complete Part II (if applicable), and forward the form to the immediate supervisor and to Human Resources for approval in Part III. The member must also complete The Primary Caregiver Affidavit and the FMLA Request Form and return both forms Human Resources.

For additional information, see the Staff Parental and Adoption Leave Request FormParental Leave – Staff Policy  or return to the Leaves and Absences home.

For information on Faculty Parental Leave, see the Faculty Medical & Parental Leave Form .

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