Bereavement Leave

All staff who are regularly scheduled (budgeted) to work 1,000 or more hours a year are eligible for bereavement leave.

Following the death of a staff member’s “immediate family member,” the individual may take up to three days off with pay. “Immediate family member” means a staff member’s parent, spouse, child or grandchild (including a step or adopted child or grandchild), sibling (including a step or half-sibling), grandparent, father-in-law or mother-in-law. A “qualified domestic partner,” as defined in the Domestic Partner Benefits, is considered an “immediate family member” of a staff member, as are the children and parents of such domestic partner. Normally, the time off is available only in the week following the death. However, staff with legal responsibility for settling the estate of the deceased immediate family member may use part of the three days for this purpose at a later time.

A staff member may take one day off with pay to attend the funeral of a relative outside the immediate family.

Staff granted additional time off to attend out-of-town funerals may designate the additional time off as Paid Time Off (PTO) or leave without pay, as approved by the appropriate supervisor.

For additional information, see the Bereavement Leave policy  or return to the Leaves and Absences home.