Short-Term Disability – Staff

Short-term disability protects the incomes of regular staff during periods of prolonged (more than five consecutive workdays) illness or injury (non-work-related) by providing salary continuation at 60% of base pay. All regular full-time staff (budgeted to work 1,400 or more hours per year), who have completed at least one year of regular full-time employment prior to an absence covered by this policy, are eligible for short-term disability.

Once a staff member has determined that he/she will be out of work beyond the five days to be covered by paid time off (PTO), sick leave from a sick leave reserve (SLR) account, or leave without pay, he/she should immediately:

Doctors’ certification will be required prior to approval of short-term disability.

The staff member is responsible for informing the University of his/her return-to-work status. A basic principle of any disability plan is to return the person to active employment as quickly as possible, and to provide a level of salary remuneration that will encourage a return to a full schedule. A staff member may be placed on a light duty restriction or an abbreviated schedule by his or her physician.

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