Job Description Resources

Job descriptions provide basic information including duties, scope of responsibility, knowledge, skills and abilities. Job descriptions can be used in a variety of ways, such as a recruiting tool, determining salary, conducting performance reviews, establishing titles and pay grades, legal requirements for compliance and accreditation. A job description also allows Human Resources to provide guidance to hiring managers in paying staff competitively for their contributions towards the success of the departments and the university.

Positions that have experienced a significant change in duties and responsibilities, need to be evaluated for exemption status, title classification, salary, relative to market and grading, and legal and accreditation requirements. Complete the steps below to begin the job description evaluation process.

  1. Use the Job Description Checklist to assist with thinking through critical components of the job. This step is not required, but can be helpful when developing a job description.
  2. Build a job description using the Job Description Template.
  3. Submit the Job Description Evaluation Form.

Job Description Checklist

The Job Description Checklist is a tool designed to assist department when writing a new job description.  This checklist allows departments to focus on what needs to be accomplished and provides a good understanding of the essential job functions.

Job Description Database

Job Description Database

If you are unable to locate a copy of an existing job description, contact Human Resources at or 336-758-4700 and provide your name, position title, and department.

Job Description Template

A well-written job description explains the core functions of the job and is essential in the recruitment process. Job descriptions are also critical when orienting a new staff member, setting expectations, and providing ongoing performance feedback.

Departments are responsible for maintaining their job descriptions, and reviewing them annually. Human Resources can perform a job evaluation if significant changes occur.

The Job Description Template should be completed as follows:

Section Description
Position Information This is completed by the department.
Summary Summarize in a few sentences the primary purpose and responsibility of the job.
Essential Functions List all major duties of the job in this section. Duties should be prioritized according to their importance and time required. Note: Duties and responsibilities are functions of the job and should not reflect the special talents or performance of an individual.
A job function may be considered Essential for any reason below:
1. The reason the position exists is to perform that function;
2. The limited number of employees available to do that job function; and/or
3. The job function requires highly specialized expertise or ability.
Other Functions List the job’s functions that are not primary functions. These functions are part of the job in which less time is spent.
Required Education, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities The minimum level of education, relevant experience, skills, knowledge or abilities that is required to successfully perform the essential functions of the role.
Preferred Education, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities List any desired qualities, but that are not required.
Accountabilites List any jobs that report to this job, budgetary or authoritative responsibilities.

Job Evaluation Form

Job evaluation is the process of assessing the relative worth, in relation to compensation, of a position based on the job responsibilities, potential impact to the university, with emphasis on factors such as education, skills, and experience requirements. Value is determined through analysis and review of both internal and external factors relative to the job.

Job evaluations allow the university to:

  • establish a consistent job structure based on value.
  • provide a basis for pay-for-performance.
  • establish pay ranges.
  • ensure compliance with federal laws and regulations.

Complete the form below and attach the appropriate documentation to begin the job evaluation process.