Cloud-Based Reporting

Human Resources is introducing cloud-based reports, delivered to campus users through Google Drive.  The reports are updated daily, so users can always be sure they are viewing the most up-to-date version.  This innovation offers enhanced capabilities for colleagues who need to perform transactions based on real-time data. If you are interested in setting up a monthly report distributed to your Google Drive, e-mail


cloud-gdrive-platforms excel


Access Your Reports Any time, Anywhere

If you receive scheduled HR reports (weekly, monthly, etc.), try cloud-based reporting today via your:

  • Computer: Access Google Drive on your computer’s Internet browser.  Open your Gmail account, click the icon by your name, and select “Drive.”
  • Smartphone or Tablet: Download the Google Drive app (available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store).

Once you sign in to Google Drive, click “Shared with Me” and open the “HR Reports” folder.



  • Your Google Drive reports are shared only with your account and an administrative account.  Anyone with access to your credentials can access your reports.
  • You will have read-only access to your reports folder in Google Drive.  If you need to edit your report, download the file to your device or copy it to another Google Drive folder.
  • If you download confidential reports from the secure Google Drive, password protect them for optimum data security.