New Hire Preparation for Managers

New Hire Checklist

Human Resources has developed the Hiring Manager Checklist and the First Day Checklist as a resource to help you ensure that your new hire has the smoothest possible transition to Wake Forest University. The Hiring Manager Checklist is designed to help you consider all of the things that you may need to do prior to your new hire beginning work.  The First Day Checklist is a list of suggestions on how to make your new hire feel welcome on his or her first day.

Hiring Manager Checklist

First Day Checklist for New Staff

Introductory Period

The introductory period is an extension of the employment selection process. Newly hired staff employees serve a three month introductory period unless otherwise stated in an employment contract. During this time, employees receive information and instructions on the requirements of their position.

Supervisory feedback during an employee’s first three months at Wake Forest is crucial to career success. Supervisors must complete this review for all non-exempt and exempt employees (part-time and full-time).

During this review period, supervisors should review employee’s progress and performance. Supervisors will determine whether an employee meets requirements and will continue employment with the university. Satisfactory completion of the Introductory Period will be noted on this review. If the supervisor is not satisfied with the employee’s performance during this time, employment may be terminated with consultation from Human Resources. Introductory periods may also be extended at the supervisor’s discretion, usually for 90-days or less.

Three-Month Performance Review Form


If your new hire will be using NOVAtime to enter hours worked or for PTO tracking please provide instructions on how to use the electronic system. As an additional resource, Financial and Accounting Services has created a NOVAtime Training Information page which provides educational materials and support videos.


WF@Work is a web portal, through WIN, that offers faculty, staff, and student workers electronic access to view their payroll and benefits information. Please show your new hire how to access this information.