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Wellbeing and Work-Life

Wake Forest  is committed to assisting faculty and staff members with their wellness goals. There are several programs offered to benefit eligible faculty and staff members to help save time, reduce stress, and stay healthy.

Lactation Rooms

Wake Forest University provides lactation rooms to support nursing mothers returning to work. Any faculty or staff who is a nursing mother can use any of these rooms.

Each room offers a clean, secure, and private space for women who need to express breast milk during their time on campus. Most rooms are equipped with comfortable seating, a table, and ample electrical outlets near the chair. Some rooms contain refrigerators and a sink. If a sink is not in the room itself, there will be one close by.

Nursing mothers will need to provide their own pump. If you use a room where a refrigerator is not provided, we recommend that you bring a small cooler to store your breast milk. Wake Forest University is not responsible for the security or integrity of breast milk stored in or outside of the lactation room refrigerator. All lactation room users are expected to clean up after each use of a room. Each user should allow enough time within a visit to clean spills and dispose of trash properly.

Here is a list of rooms and details about location, access, and accommodations for each. Please refer to Deacon Space (via WIN) to register for the room.

Please refer to the Building Map to locate the spaces on campus.

  • Alumni Hall, room #231(fully equipped as a lactation room; with a sink and a refrigerator). This room also meets the criteria and may be used as a wellness room.  Individuals with a fever or who are otherwise contagious may not use this room.
    • Building #26
  • Benson Center – coming soon; fully equipped lactation room
    • Building #6
  • Farrell Hall, room #292 (fully equipped as a lactation room; with a sink and a refrigerator). This room also meets the criteria and may be used as a wellness room.  Individuals with a fever or who are otherwise contagious may not use this room.
    • Building #60
  • Reynolda Hall, room #B09B (wellness room only/no amenities).
    • Building #5

For more information or for any questions, please contact the Human Resources Office at, or call 336-758-4700.

Tobacco Cessation

The University sponsors tobacco cessation classes throughout the year for faculty and staff members and their spouses or same-sex domestic partners.  To see if a new class is scheduled, check out the Professional Development Center.  This program is available to all faculty and staff regardless of benefit eligibility status.

HELPS Program

The University sponsors participation in our on-campus Healthy Exercise Lifestyle Program.  This 12-week program available to full-time faculty and staff is a medically directed, professionally supervised chronic disease prevention program designed to develop a healthy and active lifestyle through exercise and education programs. The program creates awareness for healthy living through quality wellness and education programs. Extra support is provided to help you create and maintain a program tailored specifically for your needs.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Sometimes balancing work and family responsibilities may seem like far more than you can handle on your own.  At these times it is good to know you have the EAP to help you. The EAP is a free service where trained counselors provide professional assessment, referral and follow-up services for:

  • family and marital problems
  • emotional and mental distress (anxiety, grief and depression)
  • stress at work
  • home financial concerns
  • alcohol and other drug abuse

Appointments and services are strictly confidential.  The EAP is located off the Reynolda campus at Piedmont Plaza II near Five Points.  Full-time faculty and staff members and their immediate families are eligible to use this program.  There is no cost to faculty/staff members or their immediate families for using this service. For more information about the EAP or to make a confidential appointment, call 336.716.5493.

Work Family Resource Center

Designed to assist faculty and staff who may need child care services including day care and nannies.  Child Care Resource and Referral provides telephone referral services as well as written information on child care providers who meet all applicable state and local standards. Information provided may include: name of contact person, description of type of care provided, vacancies, licensing status, affiliation, accreditation, and availability of services for children with special needs.  For further information, you may contact 336.761.5100 or 800.937.7610.

Elder Care Choices

When working and taking care of elderly relatives, Elder Care Choices counselors can help by doing the research for the appropriate services and resources.  Call for an older adult for whom you provide care for anywhere in the United States. For further information, please contact 800.648.2171. In addition, you may visit their website.

BCBSNC Healthy Outcomes Program and Wellbeing Incentive

BCBSNC Nutritional Counseling

A nutrition counseling benefit is offered with our medical plan package. Plan participants can receive unlimited visits with an in-network, registered dietitian (RD) at no cost and no copayment. Members simply need to call the BCBSNC Customer Service at 877.275.9787 or go online at BCBSNC to sign up for Member Health Partnerships and then set up a first meeting with the dietitian.

Cindy Silver is an in-network provider of nutrition services for BCBSNC. With Blue Options healthcare benefit at BCBSNC, you are eligible for unlimited visits for individual counseling sessions with Cindy at no copay. To make use of your nutrition counseling benefit, simply contact Customer Service at BCBSNC at the phone number on the back of your insurance card. Then, call Cindy at 712-5239. It’s that easy!

Talk to a Health Coach

Specially trained health professionals, such as registered nurses or dietitians, are available 24/7 to answer questions and address your concerns. Call 877.477.2424 if you are enrolled in our BCBSNC medical plan.

BCBSNC Online Wellness Programs

The Online Wellness Programs,are customized for you based on your needs.

The programs:

  • Focus on small, sustainable improvements to meet your goals
  • Complete a program in as little as 10 minutes
  • Print a summary page, based on the goals you created during the program

Whether you want to eat better, sleep better, or banish negative thoughts, there’s a healthy living program for you.

  • Getting Active
  • Healthy Thinking
  • Healthy Weight
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Sleeping Well
  • Dealing With Low Back Pain