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Eligibility and Plan Changes

Fall pictureBenefits Coverage

Coverage begins the first of the month following or coincident with date of employment. Faculty and Staff have 30 days from date of hire to elect benefits.

Faculty Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time Faculty who work between 1,096 and 1,462 hours per year
  • Part-time Faculty who work between 1,000 and 1,095 hours per year

Staff Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time Staff who work between 1,560 and 2,080 hours per year
  • Part-time Staff who work between 1,000 and 1,559 hours per year

Post Doc Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time Post Doc who work between 1,560 and 2,080 hours per year
  • Part-time Post Doc who work between 1,000 and 1,559 hours per year

Dependent Eligibility Criteria

  • Faculty or Staff’s lawful spouse
  • Faculty or Staff’s same sex domestic partner and his/her dependents, as defined in the Human Resources Policy & Procedure Manual (Domestic Partner Tax Equality Benefit)
  • Faculty or Staff’s children up to age 26 regardless of student status, marital status, employment status and tax dependency
  • Faculty or Staff’s child with a mental or physical disability, as defined by the medical, dental and vision plans, regardless of age
  • Children over age 19 must be full-time students in order to remain on the voluntary life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment policies

Faculty and staff members can make changes to their health and welfare plans at certain times during the year.

Annual Enrollment

Our health and welfare plans run on a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Each spring, we host our annual enrollment. This is the time when the university makes plan changes for the upcoming year and allows faculty and staff members to change their benefit elections. Each benefit eligible person is notified of this election period.

Qualifying Events

Faculty and staff members that experience a qualifying event are able to make changes to their health plan elections within 30 days of that event. Below are a list of qualifying events. The benefit change must match the type of qualifying event. Human Resources will need a new election form and documentation to support the qualifying event.

  • Marriage
  • Change in same sex domestic partner status
  • Gain or loss of an eligible dependent for reasons such as birth, adoption, placement for adoption, or death
  • Dependent satisfies or no longer satisfies eligibility requirements for reasons such as reaching the dependent child age limit
  • Changes in spouse’s or partner’s employment affecting benefits eligibility
  • Changes in spouse’s or partner’s benefits coverage with another employer that affects benefits eligibility
  • Change in employee work status
  • Change in residence (but not for health care flexible spending account)
  • Eligibility for enrollment in Medicare/Medicaid
  • Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) eligible

Throughout the year health plan changes

During the year, changes can be made to the health plans listed below. In most cases, coverage can be decreased at any point. New enrollments or increases in coverage may require a medical history application.

  • Voluntary life insurance
  • Voluntary dependent life insurance
  • Voluntary accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • NC 529 plan
  • 403(b) retirement plan
  • 457(b) deferred compensation plan