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Prescription Drug Plan

Wake Forest University’s mail order program is through OptumRx Home Delivery, and the Specialty Pharmacy provider is through BriovaRx.

As part of our medical plan, Wake Forest offers a prescription drug plan.  We partner with OptumRx for all prescription drug needs. If you have elected medical coverage through Wake Forest, you are automatically enrolled in the prescription drug plan. You will receive a separate prescription drug ID card. You may request a new ID card by calling OptumRx at 888.869.4600.

Plan Details

FeatureValue Plan Core Plan
Generic Brand Prescription
$15Not available$15 Not available
Preferred Brand Prescription
$30 Not available$30 Not available
Non-Preferred Brand Prescription Co-payment$60 Not available$60 Not available
Specialty Drug Prescription
10%, minimum of $50, maximum of $100Not available10%, minimum of $50, maximum of $100Not available

Online Resources

The OptumRx website has a wealth of information that can assist in researching prescription drugs and pharmacies. Services include: