Voluntary Life Dependent Coverage

New hires may purchase coverage for their spouse with no medical underwriting if they are within their new hire period.

Faculty and Staff may purchase voluntary life insurance for their spouse at any point during the year but all coverage is subject to medical review and the Faculty or Staff member must have Optional Life elected for self. If your spouse is also an employee, you are not permitted to elect voluntary life insurance for your spouse.

Voluntary Dependent Life Insurance coverage can be elected in the following amounts.

 BenefitMonthly PremiumBiweekly Premium
Option 1 - Spouse and Children$25,000/$10,000$5.25 $2.42
Option 2 - Spouse and Children$10,000/$5,000$2.25 $1.04
Option 3 - Spouse$25,000 $4.05 $1.87
Option 4 - Children$10,000 $1.20 $0.55
Option 5 - Spouse$10,000 $1.65 $0.76
Option 6 - Children$5,000 $0.60 $0.28