Education Benefits for Faculty and Staff

Effective January 1, 2017, job-relatedness will not be used to exclude any graduate coursework from being taxed. The first $5,250 of incurred education assistance will be excluded from gross pay each calendar year and therefore that amount will not be taxed. Any education assistance that exceeds $5,250 in a calendar year will be taxed to the employee in the semester the education assistance is requested.

Wake Forest University offers eligible faculty and staff education assistance for undergraduate and graduate level coursework.


Full-time faculty and staff are eligible for the Education Benefits for their education after reaching their 2nd year of full-time continuous service. The anniversary date will determine if the 1st eligible semester will be Fall or Spring of a given year.  If a faculty/staff member satisfies eligibility requirements on or before October 1st then benefits are available for the fall semester (February 1st for spring semester).  Summer is not included as the 1st eligible semester.

Attendance at Wake Forest University

  • Full tuition reduction for part-time undergraduate study, if academically qualified.
  • Full tuition reduction for part-time study in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences only, if academically qualified. Does not apply to the School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Divinity, Graduate School of Management, or any other institution.
  • All graduate level coursework is taxable (see policy for detail on the IRS $5,250 annual exclusion)
  • May audit classes with approval.
  • Up to 2 courses per semester with approval.
  • Does not need to be directly related to your position or responsibilities.
  • Does not apply to courses requiring individual instruction.

If a course is taxable, the taxable amount is treated as “supplemental income” and it is automatically subject to a 25% flat federal withholding rate, 6% tax withholding for State, and 7.65% for FICA. If you would like to make a change to your W-4 or NC-4 Forms, you may contact the Payroll Department (

Attendance at Other Institutions

  • 2017/2018 academic year limit is $5,495.26 ($2,747.63 per semester) for tuition and academic fees.
  • Applies to undergraduate study only.
  • Course or degree program must be directly related to your position or responsibilities.
  • Must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • Maximum reimbursement of two (2) courses per semester.
  • Does not apply if you hold an undergraduate degree.
  • Does not apply to courses requiring individual instruction.
  • Does not apply to graduate study.


Review the Education Benefits for Employees policy for full details on this benefit.

How to Submit an Education Benefit Request

Submit and track education benefit requests electronically through WIN.