2017 Staff Rewards & Recognition

This year, we celebrate 206 colleagues for a collective 2,390 years of service at Wake Forest University. We recognized these individuals at a luncheon and campus-wide celebration on October 24, 2017 , and the videos below feature several of the honorees.

The Middle of it All: Reynolda CampusThe Art of Exhibition, Cuisine and Music: Reynolda House, Graylyn and WFDDThe Cityscapes: Wake Downtown, Charlotte Center and UCCThe Demon Deacon: Athletics

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Congratulations to our Employee of the Year award winners:
– James Gravely, Sergeant, University Police
– Sarah Wojcik-Gross, Assistant Director of Client Services, Information Systems

Congratulations to our honorees:

DepartmentNameYears of ServiceSenior Leader
School of Business, Charlotte CenterReece, Kate10Johnson, Todd
School of Business, Charlotte CenterJohnson, Todd5Johnson, Todd
Admissions: UndergraduateAllman, Martha35Kersh, Rogan
Admissions: UndergraduateWhicker, Sandy20Kersh, Rogan
Admissions: UndergraduatePittard, Kevin10Kersh, Rogan
Admissions: UndergraduateMarlowe-Rogers, Arron5Kersh, Rogan
BioethicsZickmund, Vicky15Kersh, Rogan
BiologyMallison, Shannon10Kersh, Rogan
BiologyMarrs, Glen5Kersh, Rogan
ChemistryDay, Cynthia20Kersh, Rogan
CounselingEmerson, Carla5Kersh, Rogan
EducationHawkins, Robin20Kersh, Rogan
EducationO'Hagan, Cindy10Kersh, Rogan
EngineeringTingle, Amanda5Kersh, Rogan
Financial Aid OfficeLovelace, Leigh40Kersh, Rogan
Financial Aid OfficeKing, Milton20Kersh, Rogan
Financial Aid OfficePowell, Roberta10Kersh, Rogan
Global Abroad ProgramsFrancis, Jessica10Kersh, Rogan
Global AffairsHallstead, Debbie10Kersh, Rogan
Graduate SchoolDeheck, Debbie35Kersh, Rogan
Health and Exercise ScienceNewman, Jovita15Kersh, Rogan
Healthy Exercise and Lifestyle ProgramsCox, Andrea25Kersh, Rogan
Mathematics and StatisticsTalbert, Robin20Kersh, Rogan
MusicBrehm, Carol20Kersh, Rogan
Office of Personal and Career DevelopmentSullivan, Patrick20Kersh, Rogan
Office of Personal and Career DevelopmentWillard, Amy15Kersh, Rogan
Office of the ProvostKokkonos, Sandy5Kersh, Rogan
Office of the ProvostPerrotta Turner, Sam5Kersh, Rogan
Online EducationKnox, Brenda5Kersh, Rogan
PhysicsChapman, Eric10Kersh, Rogan
PsychologyHill, Teresa35Kersh, Rogan
Registrar's OfficeParrott, Susan10Kersh, Rogan
Research and Sponsored ProgramsWilliams, Stephen20Kersh, Rogan
Research and Sponsored ProgramsGabriel, Lori15Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessPeacock, Pat15Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessSimmons, Lisa15Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessAnderson, Debbie5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessHorton, Amanda5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessHorton, Michelle5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessKelly, Denise5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessOlson, Eric5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessPanchyshyn, Stacey5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessVogler, Sharron5Kersh, Rogan
School of DivinityWalter, Mary Ellen5Kersh, Rogan
School of LawEggert, Maureen20Kersh, Rogan
School of LawThach, Lawren15Kersh, Rogan
School of LawWakeford, Leslie10Kersh, Rogan
Teaching and Learning CollaborativeMcCauley, Anita15Kersh, Rogan
Teaching and Learning CollaborativeVerbeke, Kristi5Kersh, Rogan
The Wake Forest CollegeHenley, Anna5Kersh, Rogan
The Wake Forest CollegeMcCormick, Karen5Kersh, Rogan
Theatre and DanceWilliams, Richard5Kersh, Rogan
University TheatreAnderson, Trevor15Kersh, Rogan
WFDDGarcia, Eddie10Kersh, Rogan
WFDDChafin, Bethany5Kersh, Rogan
WFDDDollenmayer, Tom5Kersh, Rogan
WFU Art CollectionsBurlingame, Jessica10Kersh, Rogan
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryArmstrong, Prentice25Kersh, Rogan
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryPodair, Bradley10Kersh, Rogan
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryMartlock, Kathy5Kersh, Rogan
Budget and Financial PlanningBadgett, Shannon10Milam, Hof
Campus Services and PlanningWise, John15Milam, Hof
Conference ServicesMelnik, Sharon20Milam, Hof
Conference ServicesPack, Matt10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Samuels, Gary30Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Mussetter, Jim25Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Coffey, Jim20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Dunovant, Judy20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Finch, Toni20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Agee, Mark15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Asbury, Travis15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Davis, Jeffrey15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Eckard, Matthew15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Montes, Gus15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Morgan, Lisa15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Pelaez De Herrera, Ederma15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Beckerdite, Mark10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Gabriel, Samantha10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Kimmel, Lewis10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Ledbetter, Greg10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services McCandies, Alphonso10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Miller, Terry10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Boston, Christopher5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Brodie, Shawn5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Campbell, Damion5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Davis, Rick5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Durant, Ronda5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Forrest, Trina5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Giles, Tasha5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Hill, Tim5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Hyman, Bill5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Johnson, Ernie5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Lennon, Willie5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Milliner, Ernest5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Murray, Matt5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Nail, Byron5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Priddy, Christopher5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Richardson, Elaine5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Tucker, Rodney5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Wooten, Wendy5Milam, Hof
Finance SystemsDuncan, Joe15Milam, Hof
Finance SystemsChapman, Jane5Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServiceBelton, Allison15Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServiceDowning, Angie15Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServiceGilliland, Brandon10Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServiceGorrell, Jessica5Milam, Hof
GraylynClark, Janie15Milam, Hof
GraylynCraver, Kevin15Milam, Hof
GraylynDellinger, Charles15Milam, Hof
GraylynRollins, Gregory15Milam, Hof
GraylynWentworth, Josh15Milam, Hof
GraylynAndrade, Norma10Milam, Hof
GraylynCox, Sean10Milam, Hof
GraylynThomas, Byron10Milam, Hof
GraylynTorrey, Kris10Milam, Hof
GraylynCochran, Barbara5Milam, Hof
GraylynFarrow, Leon5Milam, Hof
GraylynSlade, Henri5Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesReece, Kari10Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesHucks, Mark5Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesProctor, Eric5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsBowman, Jeff20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsHelsabeck, Jason20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsMorton, Pat20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsStein, Seth20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsJohnson, Danette15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsJohnson, Hank15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsLardin, Barbara15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsByerly, Amber10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsCollins, Jason10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsVan Dyke, Wan-Pin10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsWhitener, Paul10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsWojcik-Gross, Sarah10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsBlankenship, Damian5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsBrown, Alan5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsDillard, Louis5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsMcKinney, Bryan5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsMelton, Noel5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsMills-Howell, Tracy5Milam, Hof
Mail ServicesKiser, Tammie30Milam, Hof
Parking and TransportationBarren, Al5Milam, Hof
Parking and TransportationBelcher, Nathen5Milam, Hof
Procurement ServicesNichols, Linda5Milam, Hof
Real EstateBush, Jenny15Milam, Hof
Reynolda GardensAllred, Forrest5Milam, Hof
Reynolda GardensLanier, Amanda5Milam, Hof
Reynolda VillageJordan, Sam5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus Services Alderman, Brad25Milam, Hof
University Corporate CenterJohnson, Gary15Milam, Hof
University Corporate CenterShore, Dennis15Milam, Hof
University Corporate CenterTowner, Keith15Milam, Hof
LegalHarkey, Melanie10Morgan, Reid
LegalMcGinn, Brian10Morgan, Reid
Reynolda HouseArcher, Phil20Perkins, Allison
Reynolda HouseEddins, Rebecca15Perkins, Allison
Reynolda HouseSchultz, Karen5Perkins, Allison
Advancement Shay, Suzanne25Petersen, Mark
Advancement Bennett, Ken20Petersen, Mark
Advancement Absher, Blake10Petersen, Mark
Advancement Burkhard, Judy10Petersen, Mark
Advancement Walker, Ashley10Petersen, Mark
Advancement Wingate, Paul10Petersen, Mark
Advancement Blanchard, Ashley5Petersen, Mark
Advancement Dalton, Christie5Petersen, Mark
Advancement Daniels, Rob5Petersen, Mark
Advancement Darrow, Mike5Petersen, Mark
Advancement Donovan, Megan5Petersen, Mark
Advancement Hicks, Elizabeth5Petersen, Mark
Advancement Horner, Shaida5Petersen, Mark
Campus LifeMcGrail, Brenda5Rue, Penny
Chaplain's OfficeRice, K. Monet5Rue, Penny
Deacon OneCardJones, Gina20Rue, Penny
Deacon OneCardCowan, David5Rue, Penny
Learning Assistance CenterShuman, Michael20Rue, Penny
Residence Life and HousingChaney, Sara5Rue, Penny
Residence Life and HousingCrouse, Crystal5Rue, Penny
Student EngagementArnett, Kathy15Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceJackson, Teresa25Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceHaney-Springs, Tomika5Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceThomas, Tracy5Rue, Penny
University PoliceMillaway, Tammy15Rue, Penny
University PoliceBurgess, Brenda5Rue, Penny
University PoliceJessup, Chet5Rue, Penny
University PoliceSmith, Scott5Rue, Penny
AthleticsAverill, Jen25Wellman, Ron
AthleticsHundley, Russ25Wellman, Ron
AthleticsStilley, Chris25Wellman, Ron
AthleticsWellman, Ron25Wellman, Ron
AthleticsBowers, Darren20Wellman, Ron
AthleticsCollins, Greg20Wellman, Ron
Athleticsda Luz, Tony20Wellman, Ron
AthleticsErvin, Wanda20Wellman, Ron
AthleticsHaas, Jerry20Wellman, Ron
AthleticsLawson, Susan15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsRieck, Linda15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsZakrzewski, Craig15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsDavoll, Bethany10Wellman, Ron
AthleticsJenkins, Corey10Wellman, Ron
AthleticsRichey, Emily10Wellman, Ron
AthleticsShutt, Steve10Wellman, Ron
AthleticsCasstevens, Randy5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsHoover, Jen5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsShannon, Ellie5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsSowell, Carol Anne5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsTyson, Terri5Wellman, Ron