2016 Staff Rewards & Recognition

This year, we celebrate 252 colleagues who will be recognized for a collective 2,785 years of service at Wake Forest University. We recognized these individuals at a luncheon and campus-wide celebration on October 11, 2016. In the video below we meet members of our campus community as they celebrate milestones in their careers at Wake Forest University.

TalenTV is devoted to celebrating the unique stories of Wake Forest’s campus community while working to recruit, retain, and develop talent. If you have a story you’d like to share on an upcoming video or know of a colleague that deserves to be recognized, contact us via social media @WFUtalent or email AskHR@wfu.edu.

Looking for photos from the luncheon or campus-wide celebration? Visit the WFUtalent Flickr page to download and share your favorites photos via social media using #WFUyears.

Congratulations to our Employee of the Year award winners:
– Patty Kennedy, Administrative Assistant, Health and Exercise Science
– Betsy Chapman, Director of Parent Giving, Advancement

Congratulations to our honorees:

DepartmentNameYears of ServiceCabinet Member
President's HomeMertes, Ann5Hatch, Nathan
Office of Personal & Career DevelopmentHutchens, Dana25Chan, Andy
Office of Personal & Career DevelopmentWoolard, Shan15Chan, Andy
Admissions: UndergraduateFaust, Susan25Kersh, Rogan
Admissions: UndergraduateLankford, Lynne25Kersh, Rogan
Admissions: UndergraduateHarris, Jennie10Kersh, Rogan
Admissions: UndergraduateNickel, Karen10Kersh, Rogan
AnthropologyMcCarthy, Rosemary10Kersh, Rogan
AnthropologySmith, Tina10Kersh, Rogan
ArtBattle, Kendra15Kersh, Rogan
BiologyDavis, Cindy35Kersh, Rogan
ChemistryWright, Marcus15Kersh, Rogan
Classical LanguagesGoodman, Alice25Kersh, Rogan
CommunicationJarrett, Steve20Kersh, Rogan
CommunicationLowe, Jo15Kersh, Rogan
Digital PublishingKane, Bill5Kersh, Rogan
EnglishClaybrook, Scott15Kersh, Rogan
Financial Aid OfficeMyers, Lisa20Kersh, Rogan
Financial Aid OfficeBenza, Tom10Kersh, Rogan
German & RussianOgletree, Tara10Kersh, Rogan
Global Abroad ProgramsClaybrook, Janice10Kersh, Rogan
Global Abroad ProgramsSauerbry, Kristy5Kersh, Rogan
Graduate SchoolColey, Michelle10Kersh, Rogan
Health & Exercise ScienceWoodard, Mark25Kersh, Rogan
Health & Exercise ScienceLove, Monica10Kersh, Rogan
Health & Exercise ScienceHill, Ryan5Kersh, Rogan
HistoryPruitt, Tyler5Kersh, Rogan
Institutional ResearchGravitt, Sara20Kersh, Rogan
Institutional ResearchShick, Adam15Kersh, Rogan
Intercultural CenterAlexander, Celina5Kersh, Rogan
LGBTQ CenterMazaris, Angela5Kersh, Rogan
Office of Diversity & InclusionHerndon-Edmunds, Shayla10Kersh, Rogan
Office of Diversity & InclusionWilliams, Matt5Kersh, Rogan
Office of the Dean of Wake Forest CollegePolk, Terence5Kersh, Rogan
Office of the Dean of Wake Forest CollegeRudd, Seneca5Kersh, Rogan
Office of the Dean of Wake Forest CollegeWeimer, Shane5Kersh, Rogan
Office of the ProvostMickles, Melissa10Kersh, Rogan
Office of the ProvostIsakow, Norma-May5Kersh, Rogan
Office of the ProvostWagner, Amalia5Kersh, Rogan
PhysicsWajih, Nadeem20Kersh, Rogan
PhysicsLogan, Karen5Kersh, Rogan
Pro Humanitate InstituteLarrimore, Kelly10Kersh, Rogan
PsychologyKing, Richard15Kersh, Rogan
PsychologyJennings, Janice5Kersh, Rogan
Registrar's OfficePace, Harold5Kersh, Rogan
ReligionNichols, Jeff5Kersh, Rogan
Reynolda HouseHart, Sherman30Kersh, Rogan
Reynolda HouseFouche, David5Kersh, Rogan
Reynolda HouseHood, Julia5Kersh, Rogan
Reynolda HouseNeighbours, Dewanna5Kersh, Rogan
Reynolda House & Reynolda GardensPerkins, Allison10Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessNolan, Elizabeth20Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessOwen, John20Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessCaldwell, Wayland15Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessNewby, Tom10Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessRoss, Carrie10Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessAffeldt, Judi5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessDalrymple, Michelle5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessEyadiel, Mercy5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessMcElwee, Caleigh5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessMontana, John5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessParent, GiGi5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessSkordas, Stephanie5Kersh, Rogan
School of BusinessSteele, Nicole5Kersh, Rogan
School of DivinityBatten, Mark5Kersh, Rogan
School of DivinityCopeland, Chris5Kersh, Rogan
School of DivinityJones, Shonda5Kersh, Rogan
School of LawCromer, Janet35Kersh, Rogan
School of LawFields, Kim15Kersh, Rogan
School of LawCruz-Chaudhry, Isbel10Kersh, Rogan
School of LawGentry, Cindy5Kersh, Rogan
School of LawJohnson, Liz5Kersh, Rogan
School of LawNoga, Jennifer5Kersh, Rogan
School of LawScott, Francie5Kersh, Rogan
School of LawShively, Jay5Kersh, Rogan
School of LawSwenson, Holly5Kersh, Rogan
Teaching & Learning CenterSnyder, Deborah15Kersh, Rogan
University TheatreSpencer, Leslie15Kersh, Rogan
University TheatreBarsony, Alice5Kersh, Rogan
WFDDThrower, Sheila15Kersh, Rogan
WFDDBrown, Keri5Kersh, Rogan
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryTedford, Beth30Kersh, Rogan
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryManning, Travis15Kersh, Rogan
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryClarke, Will5Kersh, Rogan
Facilities & Campus ServicesCovington, Carrnell40Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesNifong, Dallas35Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesBradford, Lorraine20Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesHarrington, Rebecca20Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesMontgomery, Jim20Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesWhite, Steve20Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesBurrow, Landon15Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesCarpio, Sonia15Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesCook, Kevin15Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesEmerson, Scott15Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesGrieser, Darrell15Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesJacobo, Eloisa15Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesMorgan, Beverly15Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesParrish, Bob15Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesFerrell, Lester10Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesKelly, LaSandra10Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesNelums, Ava10Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesRidgill, Loretta10Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesSeney, Sean10Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesAllen, Tony5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesBowles, Teresa5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesClowers, Bernard5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesCooke, Tim5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesDarr, Karl5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesDavis, Doug5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesErik, Karl5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesFant, Frankie5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesGantt, Donald5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesGreggs, Donnie5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesHewitt, Brett5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesLord, Louise5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesMabe, Brian5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesMatthews, Nathan5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesMiller, Andy5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesMitchell, Adam5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesOrr, Sable5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesPhillips, Greg5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesPoskin, Stephanie5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesTabor, Cecil5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesWinkler, Alan5Milam, Hof
Facilities & Campus ServicesYates, Doug5Milam, Hof
Finance SystemsLamy, Amy20Milam, Hof
Finance SystemsCollie, Brian10Milam, Hof
Finance SystemsHill, Natalie5Milam, Hof
Financial & Accounting ServicesFields, Samantha15Milam, Hof
Financial & Accounting ServicesIzzard, Sonya15Milam, Hof
Financial & Accounting ServicesBrown, Karen10Milam, Hof
Financial & Accounting ServicesFrye, Glenda10Milam, Hof
Financial & Accounting ServicesMassey, Sue10Milam, Hof
Financial & Accounting ServicesHernandez, Alice5Milam, Hof
Financial & Accounting ServicesJessie, Chris5Milam, Hof
Graylyn Nichols, Grenville20Milam, Hof
Graylyn Blackwell, Julia15Milam, Hof
Graylyn Gordon, Annie15Milam, Hof
Graylyn Taylor, Michael15Milam, Hof
Graylyn Winfield, Lawton15Milam, Hof
Graylyn Woody, Jason15Milam, Hof
Graylyn Cook, Wendy10Milam, Hof
Graylyn Hines, Robin10Milam, Hof
Graylyn Idol, Richard10Milam, Hof
Graylyn Joyner, David10Milam, Hof
Graylyn Miller, Chris10Milam, Hof
Graylyn Patterson, Doug10Milam, Hof
Graylyn Prillaman, Carol10Milam, Hof
Graylyn Taylor, Johnnie10Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesLennon, Christy15Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesCanales, Carmen5Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesChamplin, John5Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesSides, Donne5Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesWillis, Gary5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsBerry, Lynn25Milam, Hof
Information SystemsIdol, Pat20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsRollins, Sparky20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsBoyd, Rebecca15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsJones, Brian15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsScholl, Ryan15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsKindy, Jeremy10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsMikkola, Ginny10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsDishner, Mark5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsGarmon, Joel5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsHolt, Terry5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsSellars, Larry5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsTeague, Jeff5Milam, Hof
Office of the Executive Vice PresidentNeese, Emily10Milam, Hof
Office of the Executive Vice PresidentWinebarger, Carolyn10Milam, Hof
Parking & TransportationKnox, Ann40Milam, Hof
Procurement ServicesGaillard, Nicolle15Milam, Hof
Procurement ServicesCulberson, Kim10Milam, Hof
Real EstateJordan, Hope10Milam, Hof
LegalKlein, Linda15Morgan, Reid
LegalMarty, Dina15Morgan, Reid
LegalMatthews, Ginger10Morgan, Reid
AdvancementChinlund, Cathy30Petersen, Mark
AdvancementWiles, Tammy25Petersen, Mark
AdvancementCombes, Melissa20Petersen, Mark
AdvancementParker, Priscilla15Petersen, Mark
AdvancementPierce, Nancy15Petersen, Mark
AdvancementWaters, Wesley15Petersen, Mark
AdvancementWeavil, Dianne15Petersen, Mark
AdvancementCook, Gena10Petersen, Mark
AdvancementMorris, Ed10Petersen, Mark
AdvancementSmith, Emily10Petersen, Mark
AdvancementSmith, Nan10Petersen, Mark
AdvancementWaters, Greg10Petersen, Mark
AdvancementAtkins, Shana5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementAtluri, Satya5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementBirch, Mary K.5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementEaton, Brett5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementHendershott, Kris5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementHenderson, Hayes5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementJackson, Chris5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementKohler, Gretta5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementMattox, Michelle5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementMcGinn, Annelda5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementNeal, Katie5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementParker, Gayle5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementPiper, Brent5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementRippin, Bart5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementSaulpaugh, Sandy5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementTang, Anthony5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementTooley, Elaine5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementTorrible, James5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementVinukonda, Naveen5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementWall, Marsha5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementYoder, Kelcey5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementYork, Melanie5Petersen, Mark
Benson University CenterNewport, Gale30Rue, Penny
Campus LifeFord, Mike35Rue, Penny
Campus LifeMagjuka, Marianne5Rue, Penny
Chaplain's OfficeBeckman, Peggy20Rue, Penny
Counseling CenterMontplaisir, Beth5Rue, Penny
Deacon OneCardReavis, Ted5Rue, Penny
Learning Assistance CenterCardi, Shelly5Rue, Penny
Office of Dean of StudentsPleban, Nancy20Rue, Penny
Residence Life & HousingEarl, Teresa20Rue, Penny
Student Health ServicePrice, Cecil25Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceZwigard, Vanissa15Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceEspinosa, Kim10Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceBarnes, Abbey5Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceCarstens, Kathy5Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceMcCluskey, Cathy5Rue, Penny
University PoliceBottoms, Michael40Rue, Penny
University PoliceRae, Jim20Rue, Penny
University PoliceGonzalez, Humberto10Rue, Penny
University PoliceGravely, James10Rue, Penny
University PoliceKiger, Dan10Rue, Penny
University PoliceShultz, Cindy10Rue, Penny
University PoliceWard, Sergio10Rue, Penny
AthleticsJarvis, Dean25Wellman, Ron
AthleticsJustus, Mary Ann20Wellman, Ron
AthleticsPope, Kevin20Wellman, Ron
AthleticsFaircloth, Barry15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsFlynn, Ann15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsHegazy, Tamer15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsReeve, Ethan15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsChilson, Nicole10Wellman, Ron
AthleticsOdom, Michael10Wellman, Ron
AthleticsAshworth, Alan5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsBrenner, Dane5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsBresky, Tony5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsChildress, Randolph5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsDisney, Carolyn5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsHardy, Phillip5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsKnudson, Amy5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsOakes, Bill5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsQueen, Bronnie5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsSeaver, Mark5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsWong, Heather5Wellman, Ron