2015 Staff Rewards & Recognition

This year, we celebrated 213 colleagues who were recognized for a collective 2,780 years of service at Wake Forest University. We recognized these individuals at a luncheon and campus-wide celebration on November 10, 2015. In the video below we meet members of our campus community as they celebrate milestones in their careers at Wake Forest University.

TalenTV is devoted to celebrating the unique stories of Wake Forest’s campus community while working to recruit, retain, and develop talent. If you have a story you’d like to share on an upcoming video or know of a colleague that deserves to be recognized, contact us via social media @WFUtalent or email AskHR@wfu.edu.

Looking for photos from the luncheon or campus-wide celebration? Visit the WFUtalent Flickr page to download and share your favorites photos via social media using #WFUyears.

Congratulations to our Employee of the Year award winners:
– Ken Bennett, Director of Photography, Communications and External Relations
– Darlene Starnes, Administrative Coordinator, Intercultural Center

Congratulations to our honorees:

DepartmentNameYears of ServiceCabinet Member/Vice Provost/Dean
President's HomeSheff, Catherine10Hatch, Nathan
President's OfficeGung, Donna20Hatch, Nathan
President's OfficePugel, Mary10Hatch, Nathan
Office of Personal & Career DevelopmentBlack, Polly5Chan, Andy
Office of Personal & Career DevelopmentMcWilliams, Allison5Chan, Andy
Office of Personal & Career DevelopmentScott, ShaShawna5Chan, Andy
Financial Aid OfficeLegrand, Terri10Kersh, Rogan
Global Abroad ProgramsMetcalf, Nancy25Kersh, Rogan
Global Abroad ProgramsSharma, Vini5Kersh, Rogan
Global Abroad ProgramsTaylor, David10Kersh, Rogan
Global Abroad ProgramsTyson, Michael5Kersh, Rogan
Multicultural AffairsStarnes, Darlene10Kersh, Rogan
Provost's OfficeMeredith, Barbara10Kersh, Rogan
Provost's OfficeHughes, Anita30Kersh, Rogan
Registrar's OfficeSpeaks, Candace5Kersh, Rogan
Admissions: UndergraduateClodfelter, Phyllis10Kersh, Rogan/Allman, Martha
Admissions: UndergraduateElmore, Alisa5Kersh, Rogan/Allman, Martha
Admissions: UndergraduatePoovey, Terry20Kersh, Rogan/Allman, Martha
Admissions: UndergraduateSnipes, Kim5Kersh, Rogan/Allman, Martha
ArtMarley, Paul15Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
BioethicsReitz, Stephanie5Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
BiologyFauser, Nancy5Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
BiologyMuday, Jeff20Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
ChemistryDoub, Melissa20Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
Computer ScienceHabib, Joan20Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
CounselingKarr, Pamela20Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
Documentary Film StudiesBell, Ann5Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
East Asian Language & CulturesHoran, Vanessa15Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
EducationVidrine, Robert15Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
Health & Exercise ScienceGaukstern, Jill10Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
MathematicsWicker, Steven20Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
MusicLawson, Jay30Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
Office of the Dean of Wake Forest CollegeBennett, Karen30Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
PhysicsYip, Yip20Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
PsychologyStimely, Kathleen5Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
ReligionLockhart, Sheila10Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
Romance LanguagesPicconi, Irene15Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
TheatreLavis, Carol25Kersh, Rogan/Gillespie, Michele
School of BusinessEbert, Lynn30Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of BusinessMonterrojas Knapp, Mary5Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of BusinessPaquee, Tamara5Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of BusinessSink, Angie15Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of BusinessSmithey, Rusty20Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of BusinessWhapham, Vickie15Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of BusinessWilkinson, Lisa10Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of BusinessWrenn, Lori5Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of Business: Charlotte CenterAcie, Kyla5Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
School of Business: Charlotte CenterOliff, Carol5Kersh, Rogan/Iacovou, Charles
Graduate School: AdministrationDiGiantommaso, Carol15Kersh, Rogan/Jones, Brad
Graduate School: AdministrationWhite, Sheila10Kersh, Rogan/Jones, Brad
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryAdair, Scott30Kersh, Rogan/Pyatt, Tim
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryBeck, Brigett25Kersh, Rogan/Pyatt, Tim
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryHauser, Tara5Kersh, Rogan/Pyatt, Tim
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryJones, Doris20Kersh, Rogan/Pyatt, Tim
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryLink, David5Kersh, Rogan/Pyatt, Tim
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryMakaravage, Ellen20Kersh, Rogan/Pyatt, Tim
Z. Smith Reynolds LibraryMorgan, Kristen15Kersh, Rogan/Pyatt, Tim
School of LawAnderson, Carol30Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawCasstevens, Sonya5Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawGibbs, Ann15Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawGreene, Michael15Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawHines, Kathy30Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawJarrett, Gina15Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawKeely, Alan20Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawLankford, Margaret25Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawRabil, Mark10Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawRing, Cynthia5Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
School of LawSapp, Catherine10Kersh, Rogan/Reynolds, Suzanne
Reynolda GardensStockton, Preston35Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Reynolda HouseByrd, Cindy10Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Reynolda HouseDragisic, Stephan5Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Reynolda HouseHaselden, Michael5Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Reynolda HouseHoover DeBerry, Beth15Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Reynolda HouseHutton, Kathleen25Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Reynolda HouseSlaby, Allison10Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Reynolda HouseSmith, Sarah15Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Teaching and Learning CenterRoss, Catherine5Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
WFDDDavis, Molly10Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
WFDDKantziper, Karen5Kersh, Rogan/Sutton, Lynn
Budget and Financial PlanningHarper, Wendy10Milam, Hof
Budget and Financial PlanningVestal, Buffi15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesBlankenship, Michael20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesBrittain, Sean5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesBroome, Tony25Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesCarlson, David15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesClement, Bonnie5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesCook, Winford20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesDaniels, Francis20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesDelph, Pattie10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesDinkins, Lisa20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesFarabee, Myrtle10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesFunderburk, Sherman20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesGardner, Pam10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesHager, Rob5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesHarrell, Ron5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesJernigan, Beverly10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesJohnson, Tanya20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesJones, Marc10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesKraft, Ted5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesMabe, Bobby15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesNachand, Peter25Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesPayne, Jeremy5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesSchuyler, Janice20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesShupe, James20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesSingletary, Willie10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesThornton, Donna15Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesTrindade, Ray10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesTyree, Scott5Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesWatson, Mary10Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesWilborn, Thomas20Milam, Hof
Facilities and Campus ServicesWoodard, Michael15Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServicesAcuna, Freddy25Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServicesGress, Kameron5Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServicesHunter, Karen15Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServicesMcFadyen, Susan15Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServicesPeters, Summer10Milam, Hof
Financial and Accounting ServicesSmith, Ruth20Milam, Hof
Finance and AdministrationMilam, Hof5Milam, Hof
GraylynAshley, Sandra15Milam, Hof
GraylynBrown, Shelley5Milam, Hof
GraylynBush, Andrew10Milam, Hof
GraylynCarter, Clyde15Milam, Hof
GraylynGiroux, Bill15Milam, Hof
GraylynHunter, Iesha5Milam, Hof
GraylynLargen, Lauren15Milam, Hof
GraylynMcCullough, Jennifer5Milam, Hof
GraylynNeal, Andrea25Milam, Hof
GraylynReidenbach, Lawrence10Milam, Hof
GraylynRiggsbee, Walter10Milam, Hof
GraylynScott, Andrew5Milam, Hof
GraylynSeat, Samuel10Milam, Hof
GraylynWatson, Ray25Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesDinkins, Kriss25Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesPatton, Pearlie5Milam, Hof
Human ResourcesWillard, Sandy5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsAyuso, Mike10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsBrown, Marc5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsDaly, Sean5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsDavis, Krista10Milam, Hof
Information SystemsFulp, Carl20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsGrubbs, Tim15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsHughes, Anthony5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsKaplan, Lisa25Milam, Hof
Information SystemsLankford, Gail5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsLaws, Miranda15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsLewis, James15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsMcLaughlin, Chris15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsRay, Drew20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsSmith, Jason15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsTomlinson, Rick20Milam, Hof
Information SystemsWalters, Josh5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsWeavil, Mary5Milam, Hof
Information SystemsWright, Mitzi15Milam, Hof
Information SystemsYates, Artanzia20Milam, Hof
Mail ServicesBoyles, Sandy30Milam, Hof
Mail ServicesLewis, Dennis15Milam, Hof
Parking and TransportationCrist, Alex5Milam, Hof
Parking and TransportationHonaker, DeDe5Milam, Hof
Parking and TransportationTickle, Ron5Milam, Hof
LegalMorgan, Reid35Morgan, Reid
AdvancementAbbinett, Jen5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementBottoni, Felicia5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementBucher, Jen5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementCarson, Jill5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementCleveland, Brandi10Petersen, Mark
AdvancementCockerham, Emily15Petersen, Mark
AdvancementCox, Kevin25Petersen, Mark
AdvancementDavenport, Jay5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementDavis, Laura5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementEarle, Vada Lou15Petersen, Mark
AdvancementFlowers, Kim20Petersen, Mark
AdvancementGriffith, Molly5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementHaggas, Mike5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementHenson, Maria5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementOdom, Kasey5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementRobertson, Kim15Petersen, Mark
AdvancementRobertson, Suzanne5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementWeaver, Rachel5Petersen, Mark
AdvancementWhitehead, Lloyd20Petersen, Mark
Campus LifeGerardy, Mary30Rue, Penny
Campus LifeHirst, Steve10Rue, Penny
Campus LifeMartin, Mandy5Rue, Penny
Chaplain's OfficeGriggs, Khalid5Rue, Penny
Counseling CenterChampion, Denisha5Rue, Penny
Deacon OneCardByrd, James5Rue, Penny
Residence Life & HousingClifford, Matt5Rue, Penny
Residence Life & HousingMcGalliard, Donna15Rue, Penny
Residence Life & HousingWilliard, Denise15Rue, Penny
Student Health ServiceAaron, Darren5Rue, Penny
Student Health ServicePotts, Carolyn45Rue, Penny
University PoliceHolt, Christopher5Rue, Penny
University PoliceLambert, Ann5Rue, Penny
University PoliceRumley, Rick10Rue, Penny
University PoliceYoung, Mark10Rue, Penny
AthleticsBland, Doug40Wellman, Ron
AthleticsCarlin, James30Wellman, Ron
AthleticsFisher, Christia15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsHairston, Todd10Wellman, Ron
AthleticsHeflin, Lynne30Wellman, Ron
AthleticsHunt, Brad5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsKing, Jared5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsLewis, Dwight15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsLong, Sherry20Wellman, Ron
AthleticsMaguire, Drew5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsMillar, John5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsMoody, Roxann25Wellman, Ron
AthleticsOverstreet, James15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsPiscetelli, Mike10Wellman, Ron
AthleticsRae, Bonnie15Wellman, Ron
AthleticsRoland, Andy5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsShepherd, Noel5Wellman, Ron
AthleticsWyshner, Jeff5Wellman, Ron