2013 Staff Rewards & Recognition Honorees

This year, we are celebrating 241 colleagues who are being recognized for a collective 2,805 years of service at Wake Forest University.  The following video provides a glimpse into some of their stories:

Congratulations to our honorees:

DepartmentNameYears of ServiceVP/Dean
AdmissionsBrown, Franklin5Rogan Kersh
AdmissionsPittard, Kevin5Rogan Kersh
AdmissionsSimpson, Sue5Rogan Kersh
AdmissionsGauthier, Paul10Rogan Kersh
AdmissionsCatron, Ann15Rogan Kersh
AdmissionsWhicker, Sandra15Rogan Kersh
AdmissionsMcCormick, Mary Lou20Rogan Kersh
AdvancementAnderson, Mark5Mark Petersen
AdvancementBrown, Robin5Mark Petersen
AdvancementBurkhard, Judy5Mark Petersen
AdvancementDietz, Pendred5Mark Petersen
AdvancementFisher, Rebecca5Mark Petersen
AdvancementMarsh, Elizabeth5Mark Petersen
AdvancementMyrick, Rhonda5Mark Petersen
AdvancementPetersen, Mark5Mark Petersen
AdvancementTrowbridge, Jean10Mark Petersen
AdvancementRobinson, Kenneth15Mark Petersen
AdvancementWilliamson, Janet20Mark Petersen
AdvancementHodges, Anne25Mark Petersen
AdvancementSnyder, William25Mark Petersen
AdvancementBaker, Robert35Mark Petersen
ArtHerrin, Mildred25Jacque Fetrow
AthleticsAbbott, Claude5Ron Wellman
AthleticsJessee, Megan5Ron Wellman
AthleticsKnorr, Brian5Ron Wellman
AthleticsMcDowell, Nancy5Ron Wellman
AthleticsMerrifield, Billie5Ron Wellman
AthleticsPetit, Gary5Ron Wellman
AthleticsRichey, Emily5Ron Wellman
AthleticsRose, Tyson5Ron Wellman
AthleticsElrod, Thomas10Ron Wellman
AthleticsGodwin, Robin10Ron Wellman
AthleticsLawson, Susan10Ron Wellman
AthleticsBowers, Darren15Ron Wellman
AthleticsHall, Donna15Ron Wellman
AthleticsSpernoga, Scott15Ron Wellman
AthleticsSteelman, Don15Ron Wellman
AthleticsStrahm, Jeffrey15Ron Wellman
AthleticsWellman, Ron20Ron Wellman
AthleticsDailey, Dianne25Ron Wellman
AthleticsFaircloth, William35Ron Wellman
AthleticsShronts, Betty35Ron Wellman
Benson Student CenterMuldrow, Sylvia20Penny Rue
BiologyLewis, Daniel5Jacque Fetrow
BiologyAlwine, Gary25Jacque Fetrow
Budget and Financial PlanningShore, James10Hof Milam
Center for International StudiesDuke, Steven5Rogan Kersh
Center for International StudiesFrancis, Jessica5Rogan Kersh
Chaplain's OfficeAuman, Timothy10Penny Rue
Chaplain's OfficeMcGill, Pattie25Penny Rue
ChemistryTuttle, Linda5Jacque Fetrow
CommunicationBannigan, Virginia15Jacque Fetrow
CommunicationLanier, Patricia15Jacque Fetrow
Counseling CenterRaper, James5Penny Rue
Dean of Wake Forest CollegeReid, Crystal10Jacque Fetrow
Dean of Wake Forest CollegeBenford, Carol15Jacque Fetrow
Dean of Wake Forest CollegeWieters, Kimberly15Jacque Fetrow
Facilities & Campus ServicesBevill, Joshua5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesBullington, Eddie5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesCallahan, Marion5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesClinton, Sherry5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesFisenne, Stephen5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesGaither, Jeffrey5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesHughes, Jimmy5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesLane, Debra5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesMarrs, Bridget5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesPrice, Jennifer5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesReece, Derek5Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesByrd, Terry10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesConnelly, Belinda10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesDraughn, Michael10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesEverhart, James10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesGarland, Victor10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesMeans, Horace10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesMontes, Gustavo10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesMorgan, Lisa10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesNorris, David10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesRice, Terry10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesWright, Barbara10Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesDiaz, Andres15Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesHawks, Gleda15Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesWard, Timothy15Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesBoger, Charles20Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesBolt, Joseph20Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesDaniels, Hazel20Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesFrazier, Scott20Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesKiger, John20Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesMcMinn, Gaylon20Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesO'Neal, Benny20Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesShelf, Chester25Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesSimmons, James25Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesTaylor, Kobak25Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesAshley, Charles30Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesBrown, Hugh30Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesCrews, Thomas30Hof Milam
Facilities & Campus ServicesScott, William30Hof Milam
Finance SystemsRogers, Jennifer5Hof Milam
Financial & Accounting ServicesDavenport, Anne5Hof Milam
Financial & Accounting ServicesGilliland, Brandon5Hof Milam
Financial & Accounting ServicesHackworth, Kathryn5Hof Milam
Financial & Accounting ServicesKillingsworth, Jennifer5Hof Milam
Financial & Accounting ServicesManning, Jeffrey5Hof Milam
Financial & Accounting ServicesRoss, Dixie5Hof Milam
Financial & Accounting ServicesWaddell, Valarie5Hof Milam
Financial & Accounting ServicesLogan, Wendy15Hof Milam
Financial Aid OfficeBlackburn, Sara5Rogan Kersh
Financial Aid OfficePowell, Roberta5Rogan Kersh
Financial Aid OfficeWells, William15Rogan Kersh
GraylynBaker, Micheal5Hof Milam
GraylynBourne, Robyn5Hof Milam
GraylynClark, Monique5Hof Milam
GraylynCox, Christopher5Hof Milam
GraylynDunn, Guilford5Hof Milam
GraylynGoff, Billy5Hof Milam
GraylynMiller, Dorothy5Hof Milam
GraylynMoser, David5Hof Milam
GraylynOdell, Ann5Hof Milam
GraylynPatterson, Notori5Hof Milam
GraylynThomas, Byron5Hof Milam
GraylynTorrey, Kristopher5Hof Milam
GraylynWorley, Larry5Hof Milam
GraylynYokeley, Kellen5Hof Milam
GraylynBills, Katharine10Hof Milam
GraylynCraver, Kevin10Hof Milam
GraylynDellinger, Charles10Hof Milam
GraylynFullard, Tina10Hof Milam
GraylynGauer, Christopher10Hof Milam
GraylynKatzer, Alan10Hof Milam
GraylynMejia-Maldonado, Rosalba10Hof Milam
GraylynNoble, John10Hof Milam
GraylynParada, Julio10Hof Milam
GraylynRollins, Gregory10Hof Milam
GraylynUwazurike, Christian10Hof Milam
Health & Exercise ScienceHauser, Jordan5Jacque Fetrow
Health & Exercise ScienceKhajanchi, Shubham5Jacque Fetrow
Health & Exercise ScienceWrights, Abbie5Jacque Fetrow
Health & Exercise ScienceKennedy, Patricia25Jacque Fetrow
HistoryGammons, Laura15Jacque Fetrow
Human ResourcesCalleja, Shannon5Hof Milam
Human ResourcesCuller, Angela5Hof Milam
Human ResourcesFay, Bethany5Hof Milam
Human ResourcesReece, Kari5Hof Milam
Information SystemsAllen, Steven5Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsCollins, Jason5Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsCreed, Richard5Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsHeggie, Mary5Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsStutts, Brian5Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsVan Dyke, Wan-Pin5Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsAllred, Keith10Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsJohnson, Danette10Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsVerheyen, Jason10Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsBowman, Aubrey15Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsHelsabeck, Jason15Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsHenderson, John15Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsJohnson, Theodore15Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsMcGowan, Martin15Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsMilam, Jonathan15Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsWright, Charles15Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsYorke, Douglas15Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsJones, Rebecca20Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsMay, Phillip20Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsMewing, Rita20Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsSugden, Kenneth20Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsCovey, Timothy25Rogan Kersh
Information SystemsStitt, Claudia35Rogan Kersh
Instruction and SupportBurton, Elisa15Andy Chan
Learning Assistance CenterWestervelt, Van15Penny Rue
Library - ZSRMitchell, Floyd15Lynn Sutton
Library - ZSRRomanov, Peter15Lynn Sutton
Library - ZSRReeves, Mary20Lynn Sutton
Mail ServicesKiser, Tammie25Hof Milam
Mail ServicesSilveri, Meri30Hof Milam
Office of InvestmentsLaw, Mary5Jim Dunn
Office of InvestmentsThomas, Craig10Jim Dunn
Parking and TransporationFritts, Terri15Hof Milam
Parking and TransporationWashington, Cindora20Hof Milam
PhysicsPerlegas, Andreas5Jacque Fetrow
PhysicsBasu, Swati15Jacque Fetrow
PhysicsUcer, Kamil15Jacque Fetrow
President's OfficeWallace, Marybeth5Nathan Hatch
President's OfficeBerry, Elizabeth25Nathan Hatch
Professional Development CenterClodfelter, Melissa5Rogan Kersh
Real EstateBasch, Kenneth5Hof Milam
Registrar's OfficeNdiaye-Dalmadge, Fagueye5Rogan Kersh
Registrar's OfficePenn, Shemeka5Rogan Kersh
Residence Life & HousingHarris, Lisa5Penny Rue
Research & Sponsored ProgramsEdwards, Susan5Rogan Kersh
Research & Sponsored ProgramsWilliams, Stephen15Rogan Kersh
Research & Sponsored ProgramsEdelson, Julie25Rogan Kersh
Reynolda HouseMachado, Che5Allison Perkins
Reynolda HouseHolbrook, Virginia10Allison Perkins
Reynolda HouseHart, Wanda15Allison Perkins
School of BusinessBeck, Sam5Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessBrown, Tara5Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessHampton, Tamara5Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessImboden, Matthew5Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessRoss, Jean5Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessShoemaker, Heather5Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessClark, David10Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessMyers, Lyn10Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessPayne, Sharon10Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessPeacock, Patricia10Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessFrekko, Karen15Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessZimmerman, Lynn15Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessBryant, Lisa20Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessHebert, Robert20Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessHoppe, Katherine20Steve Reinemund
School of BusinessTaylor, Janet20Steve Reinemund
School of DivinityRobinson, Susan5Gail O'Day
School of LawHutcherson, Jennifer5Blake Morant
School of LawIrwin-Smiler, Catherine5Blake Morant
School of LawSimpson, Lu Anne5Blake Morant
School of LawSnedeker, Lisa5Blake Morant
School of LawVirgil, Steven5Blake Morant
School of LawHughes, Trevor10Blake Morant
School of LawFinger, Diane15Blake Morant
School of LawSargent, Brenda15Blake Morant
School of LawCanada, Rodney20Blake Morant
School of LawWalker, Deborah20Blake Morant
School of LawMartin, Patricia25Blake Morant
School of LawRaliski, Edward25Blake Morant
School of LawSteele, LeAnn35Blake Morant
StoresAdams, Keri5Hof Milam
StoresCrosland, James5Hof Milam
StoresHoyle, Christine5Hof Milam
StoresUrquhart, Kimberly5Hof Milam
StoresBennett, Jason10Hof Milam
Student Health ServicesAllen, Dawn15Penny Rue
University PoliceDiGerolamo, Charles5Penny Rue
University PoliceDurham, Lori5Penny Rue
University PoliceFrye, Sharon5Penny Rue
University PoliceHudson, Paul5Penny Rue
University PoliceRierson, John5Penny Rue
University PoliceRobinson, Michael5Penny Rue
University PoliceGardner, Rodney10Penny Rue
University PoliceOldham, Ernest10Penny Rue
University PoliceWatkins, Dawn10Penny Rue
University PoliceFisher, Robert25Penny Rue
University PoliceHartsell, Christopher25Penny Rue
WFDD RadioGarcia, Edward5Rogan Kersh
WFDD RadioMuck, Audrey5Rogan Kersh


Employee of the Year Finalists

AdvancementBennett, Ken
Dean of Wake Forest CollegeWieters, Kim
Library - ZSRManning, Travis
Office of Diversity and InclusionHerndon-Edmunds, Shayla
School of BusinessNguyen, Hue
University PoliceDiGerolamo, Charles