1095-C Form

Form 1095-C is an annual statement that reports health care coverage for each individual and their covered dependent(s). The 1095-C form will be provided to faculty, staff, temporary staff, student workers, or working retirees who have meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Is enrolled in Wake Forest’s Blue Cross Blue Shield medical coverage (self-insured) for at least one day during the reporting year.
  1. Has met the ACA definition of full-time (worked at least 30 hours per week on average) during a prior measurement period and the resulting stability period includes at least one month during the reporting year.
  1. Is determined full-time in at least one month during the reporting year using the new hire monthly measurement method.

The IRS will use the form to determine compliance with the Individual Mandate (requirement to have health care coverage) and the Employer Mandate (requirement to offer health care coverage to full-time employees that is both affordable and meets minimum value). Additionally, it will help determine if an individual should receive an additional tax credit or repay any portion of an Advance Premiums Tax Credit they may have received on the Marketplace Exchange.

The 1095-C form is required to complete the 2016 tax filing, so forms will be mailed to the home address on file by January 31, 2017. Contact AskHR@wfu.edu with questions about the 1095-C or if you need to update your home address.

For more information, you may visit the Form 1095-C Frequently Asked Questions, www.irs.gov, or www.healthcare.gov.